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Windscreen Replacement

Albury Autoscreen stock a full range of new laminated, tinted windscreens for all makes and models. We offer an overnight service for hard-to-get items that we don’t have in stock. All windscreens have a nation-wide guarantee on glass faults. We offer free pick up and delivery or full on-site fitting.

Sometimes it is not cost effective to repair a windscreen. The cost involved can be great only to repair chips and cracks whilst leaving the rest of the windscreen badly sandblasted. The main reasons for windscreen replacement are:

  • windscreen is pitted and/or sandblasted: this can be caused by numerous showers of small stones over time, and often cannot be repaired with enough success to pass roadworthy standards
  • windscreen has large cracks: cracks of length greater than 30cm cannot be repaired to safety standards, as the repair effects the impact strength of the windscreen
  • not cost effective to repair: quite often the cost involved in repairing more than 3 or 4 stone chips can start to be up around the cost of a replacement windscreen on some models
  • windscreen is scratched by wiper blade or foreign object: windscreens with ground-in wiper blade marks or scratches, cannot be polished or repaired to the roadworthy standards of most inspection stations. These screens need to be replaced.
  • windscreen is leaking, seal has become dislodged: often when a windscreen is leaking due to previous faulty installation or the general deterioration of the seals over time, it needs to be removed. When removing windscreens to carry out rust repairs or replace seals, they can break, requiring replacement.